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Micro-loans to start small businesses

We have started a micro-loan program to help the people in Canielle, Haiti begin their own small business in in order to provide for their family. Loans average $120-$150 U.S. per person, and are enough to launch a business such as food sales, crop or animal farming, second-hand clothing or shoe store, sewing, carpentry, etc... There are a number of ventures that can be started with a micro-loan. The loans are interest free and the recipients have one year to pay it back. Once the loan is paid back, it is reinvested into another business.

The following people have received micro-loans...a total of 75 loans!

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Muriel Loan - June 2015

Genese was our very first loan recipient. She is selling shoes at the market.

REPAID May 2016


Genese took out a second loan to buy and sell goats in addition to selling shoes June 2016

REPAID July 2017


S'mores Loans - June 2015

Stewart Loan - June 2015

Theonise took out a loan to sell rice and oil at the market.

REPAID May 2016


Theonise took a second loan June 2016

REPAID July 2017


Jwa Loans (Joy) - October 2015

Remèd Loans (Remedy) - Mar 2016

Enginuity Loan - March 2016

Jevener took out a loan to run a motobike repair shop. As of June, he also added in his own tap-tap service (taxi rides by motorcycle).

REPAID July 2017


Aurora Loan - March 2016

Dieumise has a loan to sell food at a little shop she has set up.

REPAID May 2017


Dieumise took out a second loan to continue her business December 2017.


Jenèz Loans (Genesis) - Mar 2016

Nwèl Kado Loan (Christmas Gift)               - March 2016    

Margarette took out a loan to sell food at the market.

REPAID May 2017


Limyè nan Kris (Light of Christ)                         - June 2016

Z-Fund Loans - June 2016

Tiboris Loan - June 2016

Marie-Mose and Joseph took out a loan together to raise chickens. They will sell eggs and chickens from their own farm along with their sons.

REPAID July 2017


Vogel Loan - Dec 2016

Monise has a loan to sell goats and chickens. She has experience in this business already, so it should be a success.


Washburn Loan - Dec 2016

Mariana took out a loan to expand her current business of renting out wood forms for building concrete structures. She does this with her son.

REPAID July 2017

Donovan Loan - Dec 2016

Elorge has taken out a loan to sell goats and eventually to buy and sell peanuts.

REPAID November 2017


Elorge took out a second loan to expand his business November 2017.


Renmen nan Kris (Love of Christ)                       - Feb 2017

Seeds of Hope Loan - Nov 2017

Adily took out a loan to plant a field of crops with intentions of selling it once it is fully grown. The land was tilled by hand.

We plan to give out additional loans on our next trip. You can help!

Funding Micro-loans

There are a few different ways you can fund a loan:


1) You can cover the entire loan for a business, which averages $120-$150 as stated above. Some are lower, some are higher.

2) You can form a group, and then together as a group, you can fund the loan, pray for and encourage the recipient, and get updates.

3) You can donate any amount you want and we will pool your money with other donors to fund a loan.


In all three ways, you will receive information on the loan recipient and their business. Once the loan is paid back, you can keep track of how the money was reinvested to start a new business. We encourage you to keep the Haitian business owners in your prayers for God's guidance and for success in being able to support their family.


All donations are tax-deductible. 100% of funds go directly to the Haitian people.

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