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  Sustainable Mission Of Restoration, Education & Salvation

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Small Business Teaching


Each of the loan recipients is required to take at least one small business class before they can get a loan. Unlike many banks in Haiti, which are very corrupt and just interested in making money off of loan recipients, our goal is for every person to succeed and be prosperous. Every time we go to Haiti, we do a small business seminar with the prospective loan recipients and the ones who already have a loan. We cover topics including: starting a business, types of business, competition, customer service, savings, reinvesting, and money management. The goal of these classes is to give them a foundation of knowledge to start their business on. Each class is about 2 hours, taught by us, and translated by Pastor Bastia. The Haitian loan recipients are always very excited to attend the class, participate, learn, and share their own success stories.

Our first class on how to run a small business had more than 50 people in attendance.



We had to remove a wall in order to fit everyone in for the teaching.



Learning about saving and re-investing their profits.



Two of the loan recipients who had paid back their loans spoke to the class.



Teaching about composting...a new concept here.



Learning about container gardening and how it may work better when there is not enough rain.



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